I’m a Central Coast Native (a SLOcal, to be exact) who has FINALLY excitedly returned to my roots in San Luis Obispo!

After graduating high school I worked as a model and reality TV personality in Los Angeles and San Francisco. While I’m grateful for the experiences I had in that industry for many reasons, they came with a lot of hardship both mentally and physically.  From these struggles came a need to find my own way of healthy eating and living, and I’ve finally come to a place where I have a deep respect for my body, the things that I put into it, and the environment around me. I largely credit my yoga practice for helping me to find a healthy mindset again.

After regularly practicing for many years, I decided to complete my 200-hour teacher training in 2015. I am constantly seeking out workshops and additional training opportunities, as my hope is to always be deepening my practice and finding new things to share with my students. Being able to help others find balance, strength, and flexibility has been the greatest gift and for my practice and my yogis, I am exceedingly grateful and humbled.

In addition to yoga, I work and train under a top Functional Medicine practitioner,  aiding his patient’s with improving their diet and lifestyle.  With his encouragement, I recently completed my certification to become a Certified Ketogenic Coach via the only program currently accredited by both the NRSM and AFAA.

In my downtime, I enjoy hiking, running (more of a slow jog, if I’m being real), YOGA, cooking, traveling, reading, and exploring outside with my (semi-well behaved) French Bulldog Oscar. And, of course, wine.

I am honored to be serving our SLO community!


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